self portrait, 2014
A Dream Like a Vision
Model Smile
Medusa in Shades
Assorted Prints
Glamour Girls
Thank You Card, for Patti Smith
Assorted Zines
Well, What Did You Expect?
lower view, Well What Did You Expect
detail, Well What Did You Expect?
Four Beats
Admire Him

These assorted works vary in mediums from ink illustrations to collage, installation art to lithographs and intaglio prints, as well as others.

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Well, What Did You Expect?

pt 1 A memorial piece. With half-burned candles sticking outward from the window-turned-clock at 12, 3, 6, 9 and typed-upon dried rose petals marking the rest of the hours, the windowframe held within it a few bundles of dried flowers and a dark purple cloth draped around a mirror I had typed and written out numerous poems/diary entries dwelling on seasons, expressing the desire for summer to be over alongside terror that winter will come to bury us, bemoaning the sickness and death of the...