self portrait, 2014
A Dream Like a Vision
Model Smile
Medusa in Shades
Assorted Prints
Glamour Girls
Thank You Card, for Patti Smith
Assorted Zines
Well, What Did You Expect?
lower view, Well What Did You Expect
detail, Well What Did You Expect?
Four Beats
Admire Him

These assorted works vary in mediums from ink illustrations to collage, installation art to lithographs and intaglio prints, as well as others.

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lower view, Well What Did You Expect

pt 2 ...sun (I created this piece shortly after my father passed, and many things felt connected to the circling of seasons, the movement of the sun through the sky every day and his death and rebirth), with lines of writing asking for six pomegranate seeds, please, to help sustain us through the winter. These contradictory anxieties over the inevitable passage of time were pinned to a floral sheet that worked as a backdrop for the entire piece..