2017                                           University of California, Santa Cruz

                                                    Bachelor of Arts in Art
                                                    Film and Digital Media minor

Selected Exhibitions


2018                                                                                                  Monrovia Music Fest, Monrovia, CA

                                 Locals Only Show, McGinty's Gallery at the End of the World, Altadena, CA

                                                                                 San Fernando Valley Art Book Fair, Van Nuys, CA

                                                                         Womxn of Color Zine & Print Pop Up, Los Angeles, CA

2017                            The Underground Figurative Show, Sesnon Underground, Santa Cruz, CA

2016                                            Tea Room, solo show at Eduardo Carrillo Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA
                                      Carrillo Awardees Group Show, Eduardo Carrillo Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA

                                             Santa Cruz Zine Festival, Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA

2014                                            Shedding Light on Sexual Violence: Collaborative Student Show,                                                                                                         Porter Bridge Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA



Directed + edited collaboration with poet Chuck Carlise, "First the Forgetting."                                                                      2018

Co-directed homage to legendary filmmaker Raul Ruiz, “Love Born in a Tangerine”                                                                 2017

Directed + edited music video for original song “Baby Says”                                                                                                            2015


Starred in Fairuza Balk’s unreleased  “Stormwinds” Armed Love Militia music video,
directed by Chad Michael Ward                                                                                                          2011



Experience in Related Fields 

10/2017 – 2/2018                            3rd Star Creative        Executive Assistant + Program Director


Assistant responsibilities entailed setting appointments, acting as liaison with all professional contacts, keeping numerous team members’ calendars up to date and consistent with one another, as well as running errands when appropriate. There was also occasion to make reservations and plan events in this position, as well as conduct legal research, compile data and upload it across Excel, Google Sheets, Google Documents, and other standard office systems to ensure accessibility to all coworkers. Played a key role in managing office’s security by setting up secure accounts to protect sensitive information, and handled high intensity office dynamics and workload with grace and humor.

2013 – 2017                                      Sesnon Porter Gallery                                      Gallery Attendant

Occupied a quasi-receptionist role, providing gallery patrons with information regarding current exhibits and performing various maintenance tasks to keep gallery tidy and professional. Was responsible for opening/closing and arming multiple gallery locations, managing the gallery’s social media accounts, and managing sales and donations from patrons. Corresponded with various visiting artists on behalf of the gallery, and even acted as gallery hostess and personal assistant to some during their workshops and university lectures.

Assisted with assembling exhibits in a curator role, as well as performing light carpentry and painting when installing light fixtures, framed work, multi-media video based art, site-specific installation art, and sculptures.

Summers 2012 - 2016        Sierra Music and Arts Institute               co-director, stage manager


Worked with Teatro del Sol’s directors and costume department to assist in writing and directing both the children’s show and teen play. Helped dress the stage, worked with actors in rehearsal, prepared them prior to performance, organize costumes, props, and assist in breaking down sets.